!!! June tour 2014 !!!

Y’all, we’re gonna fo real hit the road and do a short tour of the Southeast at the end of June 2014.  We’d love to play more unconventional shows like artsy studios and house parties.  We are fairly certain we’re gonna aim for towns in: NC, SC, GA, TN.

If you’d like to see us in your town, or if you have a venue suggestion, we wanna know about it: agoldensummer@yahoo.com

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The Campbell family cat knows what’s good…

Trixie has our album, Hours In The Attic, on the top of her playlist. Meow…

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1979289_10152237122997976_1663444004_o Hello buzzing bees and budding flowers!
Our own Claire Campbell is performing 4 shows this month in our hometown of Athens, GA.  Please join her so that she will be less nervous.  Your beaming face will inspire confidence.  We are sure of it.

APRIL 10 & 11 MOTHER :: The Collective  7PM
This is a benefit for The Cottage. Claire will accompany two lovely dance pieces.  Tix tange from $15-$50 and can be purchased HERE.

Listen, here’s what you do. Set your alarm for 7:30am, roll out of bed, put on pants and shoes (or not), walk/drive/bike to the market, immediately get coffee and a honeybun, come sit down in front of Claire and she will sing you awake… or possibly back to sleep if it is a slow jam.

Claire will open the show with her tiny tunes. Then the fantastic Honeychild duo will take to the stage. And then The Goons will wreck the house!!!