Hey gurl.  We are playing shows in December.  We always say we ain’t gonna do it because it is cold and the weather is unpredictable, and, as usual, we’re playing shows anyway because it is what we do. And we’ll be joined by Deeds Davis on all these nights!

Dec 12  THE COTTAGE (Atlanta, GA)  SoFar Sounds is hosting their December event a a loverly, cozy venue called The Cottage.  I have heard tell that Jeffrey Butzer, Jacob Morris and others will be playin’ as well.  $5-$10 SUGGESTED DONATION *** 8PM *** 1300 Skyhaven Rd.  30316

Dec 14   HENDERSHOTS COFFEE  (Athens, GA) Ooh we are so excited to be playing at one of our favorite new venues, Hendershots!  It rules there!  Plus, we’re sharing the bill with one of our fave newish bands, The Skipperdees.  They are also sisters and I am pretty sure we will form a sisterly quartet for at least one song.  $6 COVER *** 8PM *** ALL AGES

Dec 15   HOUSE SHOW  (Asheville, NC)  We are making a tiny trip to play a wee show in one of the best towns on the planet, Asheville, NC.  The show will be held in a warm, cozy, family home.  Attendance is by reservation only.  Seating is limited to 45 people.  $15 suggested donation.  If you would like to attend, please let us know by e-mailing us at


Y’all, did you know our own Claire Campbell’s face has been screenprinted & bedazzled on pillows to raise money for PALS.  There are also ones of Michael Stipe, Patterson Hood, Kevin Barnes & Dave Schools.  You can order one for a mere $43 at



We playin' a show....

Flicker Bar

Athens, GA.
Thursday, Sept 26

!!! EARLY SHOW !!! 
$5 cover  
8pm: Loney Hutchens 
9pm: Sea of Dogs
10pm: Hope for Agoldensummer 
Hey y'all!  
We just booked a last minute show at Flicker Bar in Athens, GA.  It'll start EARLY at 8pm with Loney Hutchens. Then Sea of Dogs, which is a killer 5-piece quirky, banjo-y folk band. And, we're on right after them, about 10pm (and we are playing as a sisterly duo for this one).  This is our ONLY show this Fall before our own Page Campbell heads back to the wilds of Wisconsin to design pajamas for your 5 year old.
See you at the show, show, show we hope, hope, hope!

Also, our sometimes bandmate, Suny Lyons, just digitally released his Bedroom Tapes.  They are a very ambient, poppy group of heart songs.  We love them and have been after him to share them with the world for, like, 6 years or something.  And, dudes, he finally put them out last week. Go listen.....