Fall 2011 Tour & Album Update!!!

Howdy whistlin’ winds & swaying pines,

Hope For Agoldensummer is so excited to announce a big tour this Fall and a change to our album release plans!  We’re headed up the East Coast, all around the Southeast, and over into the Midwest this Fall!  We’d love to see your smiling faces!

So, about the album… Well, we got to talking with a few pals about the music business and the effort involved in self-releasing an album, and before we knew it a new record label had been birthed into existence. We are calling it: MAZARINE :www.mazarinerecords.com .  And our new album is called “Life Inside The Body” and will be released in early 2012!


Oct-1 CoHILL FESTIVAL(Greensboro, NC) w/ tons of bands & artists!!! FREE!

Oct-4 WESTOBOU FESTIVAL (Augusta, GA) 7pm w/ bands, djs & artists!!! FREE!

Oct-7 GROCERY ON HOME(Atlanta, GA) 8pm w/ Daniel Clay

Oct-8 HENDERSHOTS(Athens, GA) 8pm w/ The Modern Skirts

Oct-12 FIREHOUSE THEATRE (Richmond, VA) 8pm w/ Grant Hunnicutt, Josh Hryciak, David Schultz

Oct-13 PHILA MOCA(Philadelphia, PA) 8pm w/Soldier On

Oct-14 THE JALOPY THEATER(Brooklyn, NY) 9pm w/ Spiff Wiegand

Oct-15 PETE’S CANDY STORE(Brooklyn, NY) 9pm w/ Chris Pappas, John Shade, and more…

Oct-16 LILYPAD(Boston, MA) 7pm w/ Chris PahudHappy Little Clouds

Oct-17 THE LIVING ROOM(New York, NY) 7pm w/ FRED, Tony ScherrJim Campilongo Trio

Oct-18 RACONTEUR BOOKS(Metuchen, NJ) 8pm w/ Anthony Walker, Glad Hearts

Oct-19 CT COLLEGE – COFFEE GROUNDS(New London, CT) 9:30 pm w/ Liz

Oct-20 McINTYRE’S(Toms River, NJ) 10pm w/ Shock Trials, Holiday City

Oct-21 PARKSIDE LOUNGE(New York, NY) 3pm Vulcan /CMJ Showcase

Oct-22 NORTHSIDE SOCIAL(Arlington, VA) 9pm

Oct-23 CASA CANTINA (Athens, OH) 9pm

Oct-24 DERBY CITY ESPRESSO (Louisville, KY) 8:30pm w/ Ben KnightSam Hadfield, Jubalson

Oct-25 JJ’s BOHEMIA(Chattanooga, TN) w10pm Cab Rides in QuebecKyle MacKillop and the Waybackwhens

Oct-26 BANDWAGON (Asheville, NC) w/ 9pm Kovacs & The Polar Bear

Oct-27 PINHOOK (Durham, NC) 10pm wEffinghamAnna Rose Beck

Oct-28 CFBGs(Greensboro, NC) 9pm

Oct-29 CENTURY VINTAGE(Charlotte, NC) cancelled


Nov-3 EYE LEVEL ART (Charleston, SC) 8pm w/  A Fragile TomorrowThe Barnard Sisters

Nov-4 SKY CITY (Augusta, GA) 8pm 

Nov-5 SENTIENT BEAN (Savannah, GA) w/8pm Dare Dukes, Book Club

Nov-6 WUOG Fest at CINE’ (Athens, GA) w/ Ruby KendrickTrappers Cabin

Our own Claire Campbell kicks it solo for this one and she goes on EARLY!  Also featuring My cousin, the emperorWoodfangsPatterson HoodFuturebirds

New video, final master…


Lads & lasses!  We’ve spent the day listening to and signing off on the final master of our new album!

Artwork is almost done. Shirts to be printed, packaging to be lasered, CDs & vinyl to be replicated and pressed!  Vulcan Army is handling the booking of our Oct & Nov album release tours so let us know if you’d like to see us in your town!

Why, hellooooo….

Y’all, it is damn sweaty here in Georgia.  I mean, we can’t seem to get no relief.  We would run the A/C units all day if we could afford it.

In other news, our own Claire Campbell will be performing at the Flicker Theater (Athens, GA) this Thursday, July 7th!  She’ll perform after a screening of the new rock doc, Blaze Foley: The Duct Tape Messiah. The movie starts around 8pm, so Claire should be on around 10pm.  It’s FIVE BUCKS !$!$!$  And that’s a dang deal for a movie and a show!
You can get more info here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=218792784827052

And if that wasn’t enough, Claire will be covering a few of Blaze Foley’s hits, and will be accompanied on several tunes by the illustrious finger picking of Jason Hatcher and Emily Armond (from Sea of Dogs)!!!