Feb 7, 2010

DSC_1027-thumb We just got some killer band pics back from Mr. Donahue.  They were all taken in the Donahue Family’s front yard in Asheville during our last tour. Right at this very moment we are mixing down songs for the new studio album.  We just finished two of Page’s songs: “Fix This” and “Be Free”.  Mixing is a very tedious process, as most of you know.  Lots of downtime for writing this and taking bad pictures. See…..?

Claire is just passing her dang time...

Claire is just passing her dang time...

Suny heches mixto numero tres.

Suny hace el tercer mixto.

Jan 12, 2010


Kickin it at Woodruff Arts Center.

Howdy Sweet-cheeks! Hope For Agoldensummer is hereby requesting your assistance! We’re touring all over the country in this new year and most especially want to play the NPR showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX this year.  We frickin’ adore NPR!  Won’t you please head on over to the following link and leave a comment about what a loverly addition we’d make to their showcase? http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2010/01/who_should_play_nprs_sxsw_show.html Thank you Thank you Thank you Yours, HFags

Jan 7, 2010

Photo 85

Don't be skeered of her mallets.

Howdy snowflakes! Hope For Agoldensummer is hard at work finishing our 3rd full-length studio album and booking spring tours! This new album has us hopping from studio to studio, all over Athens.  Sometimes we’re at Suny’s house, or Claire’s living room, or Normal Studio, or Chase Park Transduction or The Bakery or out in a field.  We’ve been at it for about 6 months, whenever we have money & time.  All was going well until a fateful power surge that burned out everything on the firewire chain: MacBook Pro, Digi 003, hard drive.  We’re thankin’ our lucky stars we’d backed up all our sessions the previous week. Yikes.  Since then we’ve been begging & borrowing & renting gear and studio space.  Or just making do at Claire’s house, running xlr cables from her tiny bedroom, past the bathroom and into the music room… and pausing when big trucks or airplanes rumble near.

A book under Claire's feet so we can all hear the beat!

A book under Claire's feet so we can all hear the beat!

Today we worked with the cutest Emily Armond getting her high but mighty piccolo flute sounds.  Yesterday we recorded the crazy-talented Heather McIntosh & Thayer Sarrano, on cello & piano, respectively.  The previous day we got some fantastical drumming from Mr. Jim Wilson.  And our cousin, Justin Gilmore, came in this past Sunday to lay down some killer trumpet parts.  In the next few weeks we’ll have the soul choir in for vocal harmonies, and get Amanda Kapasouz in for some fiddlin’. Aside from the loss of all our recording gear, sigh, things have been going fairly well.  Oh, except this one time at the bakery when my singing saw fell and hit me in the foorhead and made me bleed. So, so, so lame.

Photo 30

Claire stopping the bleeding at The Bakery.

Below are some pics of the magical reality of the art of the contemporary recording…

Photo 53

Suny keeps his machines in a closet and has to climb in to get at 'em. Those are his legs/feet hanging out.

Photo 49

Page cuts drums sitting on a couch, blockaded by gear.

Photo 86

Suny looking spiffy as usual.

Cuttin' a glock track.

Cuttin' a glock track.