One of our favorite people on the planet, Bernard Pearce, needs a heart transplant. A decade ago, we toured the country with Bernard and our fellow heathen rockers in a 20 piece band called Dark Meat. He is a fabulous New Orleans horn player. A father of two boys. A reknown cook. Once, we were at a party and he nonchalantly saved a kid from drowning in a pool whilst also maintaining an eye on the grill where he was cooking for the masses. Our favorite memory of Bernard is this: While walking down by the levee he turned to Page Campbell and said, “Page, I know you’re dating Mr. So-and-so, but let me know when you’re ready to come to flavor-town.”

Please help us in supporting our friend, Bernard Pearce. We promise you that this is an honest man who will use this money to better his condition and his family.

Keep flavor-town alive & kicking!

Claire rumbles on Tues, May 2!!!

Our own Claire Campbell is performing with Patterson Hood & The Downtown Rumblers on Tuesday, May 2.  The entire event is an amazing POTLUCK of Athens, GA musician.  We’re talking about the vets of the music scene, kids: Art & Margo Rosenbaum, Pylon, Darnell Boys, and so many more.  It’s happening at the Georgia Theatre and the proceeds benefit the production of our pal Jason Thrasher’s new photography book, ATHENS POTLUCK.  You can preorder your copy here:

Go see this!!!!

Apr. 30, 2017

EVERYBODY go see the new film directed our fabulously talented friend, James Ponsoldt!!! It stars Emma Watson & Tom Hanks and is playing in theaters RIGHT NOW!!!