Go see this!!!!

Apr. 30, 2017

EVERYBODY go see the new film directed our fabulously talented friend, James Ponsoldt!!! It stars Emma Watson & Tom Hanks and is playing in theaters RIGHT NOW!!!

Care about your ears!!!

Hope For Agoldensummer would like to give massive giant huge┬áTHANK YOUS to Nuci’s Space & Music Cares for outfitting Athens musicians with top notch ACS custom fitted hearing protection!!! Y’all are amazing. Now we can ward off tinnitus for at least another decade or so!

The Truckers new album is the bees knees!

We just found this video of our own Claire Campbell singing back up with our dear pal, Patterson Hood, and all the gents in Drive By Truckers. Their new album, American Band, is outstanding, relevant, topical, and is currently in rotation at the homestead. Claire walks on around the 6:20 mark and her miniskirt is on point.