Hope For Agoldenummer - Life Inside The Body

Life Inside The Body was released in the hot Spring of 2012 by Mazarine Records. It is full of sugary, soulful harmonies, that old time-with-a-twist aesthetic, and plenty of gorgeous instrumentation by Hfags and infamous luminaries like Heather McIntosh, Jeremey Wheatley, Thayer Sarrano and many more. This album also marks the beginning of a closer collaboration between the Campbell sisters and music producer, Suny Lyons. The CD comes mounted on a cork hub in a custom die-cut, spot uv embossed wallet with a 24 page booklet of hand drawn lyrics and illustrations by our own Page Campbell.


Hope For Agoldensummer - Hours In The Attic

This 2009 live album by Hope For Agoldensummer showcases some of the Campbell sisters‘ most popular songs and contains a few live renditions of developing songs that eventually went on the 2012 release, “Life Inside The Body”. It also features their covers of tunes by Aliyah & Timbaland, James Brown, Paul Simon, Johnny Thunder, Little Richard and more. It was recorded over the course of several live shows and one tiny house party. The CD comes packaged in a case made of recycled paperboard that is screenprinted & heat embossed in Athens, GA. It features a crazy art mashup by our own Page Campbell.


Hope For Agoldensummer - Ariadne Thread

The 2007 sophomore release by this Athens, Georgia family band is tender, witty, grand, and understated. Claire Campbell, Page Campbell, and Deeds Davis wrote and performed all 17 songs with accompaniment by Heather McIntosh (The Instruments, Circulatory System), John Fernandez (Elf Power, The Olivia Tremor Control), Madeline Adams, Amanda Kapasouz (Tin Cup Prophette), Liz Durrett, and many others. The CD comes packaged in a gorgeous, screenprinted felt pocket (the felt is made of recycled plastics in the USA!) with a 40 page booklet featuring the story of Ariadne & Theseus as writ by the Campbell sisters’ cousin, Wallace Cochran. Plus, all the lyrics & plenty of drawings by our own Page Campbell & Deeds Davis.


But you can still buy the digital album at CDbaby!


Hope For Agoldensummer - I Bought a Heart Made of Art In The Deep, Deep South

On the 2004 debut release by Hope For Agoldensummer the troupe plays everything from traditional guitars to less frequent tools like cheese graters, singing saws and Coke bottles. This album was recorded to tape in Athens & Atlanta and was the beginning of our own Claire Campbell incorporating her field recordings into HFags studio work. The CD comes packaged in a case made of recycled paperboard that is screenprinted in Athens, GA. It features a 16 page recycled paper booklet of lyrics and plenty of pen & ink drawings by Page Campbell & Deeds Davis.