Oh, sometime ago there was a rut in the Winter. A lull in melody. Guitars were getting dusty. Claire called to her tiny-footed sister, “I’ve writ some songs. Won’t you come back South and sing with me?” A season passed. Sister returned to the bawdy Southern heat, and thus was born Hope For Agoldensummer.

Hope is a family band from the fine town of Athens, GA. For nearly 16 years we’ve traveled the USA creating rusty, angelic melodies with our slide guitar, banjo, jangly percussion, glockenspiel, and a bowed handsaw, and overlaid it all with the sibling-soul-choir harmonies of Claire & Page Campbell. We’ve released 4 full-length albums,  several EPs, and, woah, a few music videos. Y’all, we’ve even scored a few movies along the way!

Hope For Agoldensummer’s last album, Life Inside The Body, was recorded over a 2 year span at Pop Heart Studio with the fabulous engineer/producer, Suny Lyons (PacificUV, Lovers). The  album is awash with twang & harmony, plenty of dreamy imagery and junkyard goodness.


CLAIRE CAMPBELL was born into late 70’s Southern Music peasantry. The granddaughter of (ye)olde-tyme legendary Eddie Campbell, who shall forever move his pinky toes independently of his other toes, Claire began playing guitar at the delicate age of 16. In 2002, almost a decade later, Claire concieved Hope For Agoldensummer, with her twang-infested neighbor, Deeds Davis, and her tiny-footed sister, Page Campbell… and they’ve been touring every since. Page has works with numerous projects such as Hot Fudge and Patterson Hood & The Downtown Rumblers. When home from tour, Claire puts on her doula hat and helps people have their babies. Also, she once scored a Nick Nolte film called “Off the Black”. Claire definitely composes our most requested hits. Claire’s net worth is estimated at about $503.31. She has a 2004 stationwagon, and owns two motorcycles and two bicycles, and she Sings and plays Guitar, Singing Saw, Accordion, Clarinet, Kazoo, Ankle Bells, and slaps her knees..


PAGE CAMPBELL was birthed on the new moon, in Georgia, into the deepest dark of any month that year. She has spent the last two decades finding light in a myriad of pursuits, thus extending her institutionalized education into it’s 3rd decade. In 2003, she was kidnapped from a Chicago filmschool and sank again into the South. Page has worked in numerous projects such as Dark Meat and Sea of Dogs. She has a pretty frickin’ cute portfolio of design work. She is currently collaborating with Dan Donahue in the loverly band, Dream Boat. Dream Boat recently composed the score for a film called "Henry Gamble's Birthday Party". Page definitely writes our most popular songs. After incurring a speeding ticket and falling prey to a costly nutritional supplement scam, Page’s net worth recently bottomed out to $213.46. She has one old Honda, and one bicycle, but she sings and plays Guitar, Xylophone, Slide Whistle, Drum Kit and found sound.