10/30/2004 The Caledonia Lounge - Athens, GA

Okay. Politics and music together in love once again for John Kerry. So, this was trio effort. We didn't really, actually know we were on the bill for this show until Wednesday's paper came out and there it was. Jamie and Deb already had plans so Will, Page and I did our thang. Also, we had help, especially from Josiah, whose rad band, Astra, also played. Josiah plays drums and totally rocked it on 2 songs (i think). Also, there was a presentation of a movie about John Kerry which I think is called "Going Downriver". We played okay, but didn't go on until REAL frickin late. What the hell is up with that people now? I would just like to say that I enjoyed the bottle playing of my friend Ian Campbell. He is one tall glass of water... or is that one tall bottle of water? Sporty!

Page Campbell