2/21/2007 Where We At?

I think I have not written in half a year. Is that possible. I am sitting in the Flicker Theater. I am one 3rd of Rhino 5 and we are playing here tonight. Don't try to find us on the web cux we ain't here. I think collectively we've played 8 shows in 5 years. Anyhow, they have new regulations and protocol that must now be followed, I assume, to give the appearance of legitimacy, which I always figured they had anyway. Me, Serpentfly & Count were going to rehearse but got asked to stop, once, ignored, twice, and that pissed Helpert off so she took Coutie and went to eat. 
I feel like I should pull out my calender and give mini-journals for each show over the past year. A lot has changed. Lately we are touring as a menage a trios de mademoiselles. We have had plenty of sweet folks session into our new album recordings. So far we have worked at 3 different studios, and will be at a 4th this weekend.
oh shit. we gotta soundcheck... cc

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