9/30/2018 - Huffer House Show (Athens, GA)

In which Claire eats all the snacks again.

Y’all, what a night we had. I was thrilled to be on a bill with Kyshona Armstrong & Curtis Eller. The Huffer House shows are very well curated events at my pal Jason’s house which he built specifically to house a grand piano and host shows. It is next level rad.

I opened and talked Kyshona & Curtis into singing with me on The Coasters’ “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” and James Brown’s “Try Me”. Curtis played second and people got their minds blown, and one lady almost had her mind sheared off when Curtis did an elegant roundhouse kick over her head. I cried during the last song. Kyshona closed the show and, as usual, everyone had their hearts turned to mush and their souls reinvigorated. She is the bees knees and the bees elbows. Curtis is, too. I heart them.

Now that we’ve covered the boring music stuff, let’s talk about what really matters: Food.

LeeAnn is in charge of craft services and she does not disappoint. I only wish I had taken a picture of the spread she laid out. It was everything and the plates were overflowing like in one of those Grecian scenes where a round naked man is being fed grapes by a toga-clad pool boy. That was the level of food opulence that was happening. I grazed for almost two solid hours, but I didn’t miss a note. I am able to masticate and listen. I am a very talented eater.

After the show, Kyshona stayed with us another night, which meant another night of gossiping until 2am. I am not well rested.

Claire Campbell