10/07/2004 The Echo Lounge - Atlanta, GA

This show was amazing to me for two reasons: 1. Jamie came to sound check ; 2. Jamie sang and played upright bass (not at the same time). Deb and I shared one mic, and Page shared one with the boys. And we all sang a country accapella version of our friend Cameron's song "I Don't Wanna". Considering the one rehearsal and backstage cramming, it sounded A-OK. Also we did a too-slow version of Deb's new song "I Hope This", and contrarily a very accelerated version of Page's new song, "Miles". I looked back at Jamie and pitied him during Miles because he was playing his upright, but we hadn't had ANY rehearsal w/ the upright, and plus Page played it at warp frickin speed. I think Jamie got about 7 notes in before the song ended. My Siamese Self opened the show (Deb's other band). They rock, rock, rawk. I got to be the guitar tech when Deb broke a string on the very first strum of the very first song. Telegram performed the 2nd slot. As always it was beautiful. The new song with the weird timing is my current favorite. I had so much fun. And Charlie came on stage to sing "Malt Liquor" w/ us. The sound guy, Blaze, was so patient with all the instrument switching that occured as a result of new songs. This was the first show that I didn't play any other inst. but guitar. I kinda felt naked w/o some saw action. In other news, what the hell is up with the new production cost at the Echo? They charged us sales tax for every ticket dollar, and then took $300 off the door for production and an ambiguous "Hospitality" charge. I don't know nuthin' bought no hospitality being bestowed upon any of us 3 bands. Usually clubs will give us the complimentary cooler o' Pabst which we give to our friends because we have too much respect for our own liver to drink PBR all the time. But, backstage at the Echo there was a stack of about 25 styrofoam cups, and a plastic container of somebody's leftover dinner. Whatever. Why can't Guiness be the workingman's beer. Why must poor people be relegated to Pabst and Schlitz. That shit is bad for my immune system.


Page Campbell