10/15/2004 The Morton Theatre - Athens, GA

My right hand is frozen, so it is very hard to type. I just got off my bike. 1:30am.. Our friend T-Lo had a party and Will made me go even though I was hungry and tired. He said , "Claire, trust your second wind. It will come." I left the party after half a plastic cup of unlabeled keg beer. Tonight we played the Historic Morton Theatre. This was a benefit for Athens WUGA, our public radio station. Apparently they are gonna go digital and it costs some bones. The Hot Club of Athens opened w/ their Django stylings. Next up were the Subsonics with their T-Rex stylings. I dig both bands. Rob del Bueno, who engineered half of our album, is the bass player in the Subs. Next we played. Having had a good soundcheck, and considering the amount of people working tech, the sound was rad. I could hear everything. Jamie didn't play the show. He decided to go to Nashville with Telegram for something very important. He says to Page, "A lot of money is on the line here." Mmm hmm. We rocked the new accapella song of which I am so proud (Cameron wrote it and he rules). We only played about 6 songs. Then Of Montreal took the stage and it was anarchy. They rolled around in the center of the stage ringing bells and throwing fruit at the audience, and they... had well executed time changes, something of which I am very fond. My old friend Erwin is the stage mgr at the Morton and I was standing next to him when the fruit started falling. He was pissed. We dedicated a song to our friend The Shwee who was laboring to give birth exactly at the time we were on stage. It's a girl. Sophia.


Page Campbell