1/21/2005 The Crimson Lounge - Dalonega, GA

I thought they would pay us in gold.  
So, the Crimson Moon is a tiny little place in the tiny little mountains of Georgia.  We took 3 separate cars.  Page and D. in one.  The boys in another.  I rode w/ Serpentfly.  We mainly talked about dudes, friends who are dudes, dudes who are friends that we'd like to have as lovers, Italian dudes, painter dudes, etc.  Serpentfly just moved to Athens, GA after having been on the road for 2 years.  We are very psyched to have her gracing our town on a regular basis.  So, luckily Shep talked to Kip before tonight because that stage was barely big enough for 3 of us and he had the foresight to leave the bigass bass drum at home.  Seriously, it was smaller than the Flicker stage, I think.   So, we sat on our amps, nothin' new, and Jamie played a kick drum from a kids kit.  I was glad to have the family together again as we had not played since mid-Dec.  This set went fairly well considering that we'd only had practice 1 hour before we left for Dahlonega, after which most of my voice was gone because we rocked out and worked on 2 new Page songs and one new Deb song and I know you people think I'm slack, but it takes me an infinity of forevers to complete a song.  Oh, also, don't EVER take any of those pills they sell at the gas station.  I hadn't slept the night before.  I was in this gas station and a shiny, metallic little packet of ginko-ginseng spoke softly to me, "Claire, shhh, very quietly pick me up and eat one." So I did.  People I was so shaky up that I could hardly hold Shep's glass of wine so I could "take the edge off".  Sleep is betta.  Also, I lost my voice about halfway through the set because I had been singing and talking non-stop since I woke up.  Also, I was very nervous because my stalker sat in the front row w/ SJ.  Serpentfly played a solid set to the sound of a little kid snoring in the back row.  I missed most of it because I was in the kitchen flirting with previously mentioned stalker and talking to Don Gouch (former Athenian front-man of the awesomest band called "Daniel Tiger and the Mysterious Toy Box").  Jamie sat in w/ Leslie for a few songs, and I sang "Snowfall" w/ her.  Problem w/ all this was that Leslie stopped short of the specified time on the contract which neither of us read.  The owner was pissed, but we bonded over her new Taylor, hugged and all is well.  Also, I met several people of a local accapella ensemble who are going to perform a cover our song "Laying Down The Gun".  How frickin cool is that?  I voluntarily rode home with my stalker.  He travels with a .38 Special, but I sleep with a switchblade under my pillow.

Page Campbell