February 2005 Shows

2/6/05 :: New Brookland Tavern (Columbia, SC)

Thank God for the crew from Augusta. Erin and her friends came just in time. This was a Sunday show so they're weren't a bunch of folks there. We were opening for Faun Fables, again sans Jamie. And also, thank God for the Aussie sound man at New Brookland. He was SO thorough and even taught Will some stuff about his new amplifier. The show sounded great. We sang 2 accapella songs. Then we split because we had to get Page home in time for 7am class, and Deb had work real early, too. What I really want to tell you about it the fabulous, chart topping stay we had at the Knight's Inn in Augusta. We arrived there at 3am after the Augusta show. We had been to every hotel and all were full. And I couldn't figure this out because I thought The Masters was the only big event that happened in Disgusta. But then, hark, I saw a billboard in front of one of the hotels that said "Welcome Arsenal Shootout Members!!!". Yikes. So, the Knights Inn was the only place available. And guess why? Because it SUCKS!!! The woman running the front desk was asleep in her pajamas on the couch in the lobby and was none too happy to be awakened by the likes of Will Taylor, and was even more pissed when I woke her up again because our key card wouldn't work. She said, "Like this." Turns in over and hands it back to me. ha ha. Once inside we were overjoyed to find lipstick and mascara marks on the pillows. They carpet was wet all over so we kept our socks on, slept fully clothed (except Will who likes a good outbreak of scabies once in awhile), and put our blankets over the pillows. All three ladies took Kava pills so we could sleep through Will's drunken snoring. At about 9:30 I heard banging outside and my brain was like, "Awaken! Check the van!" so I did, but it was just the maids pushing their carts around. Then at 11am the phone rings and it is the ornary woman who is like, "It is 11am, checkout is 11:30...Okay?" And then she hangs up. At 11:30 she shows up at our door and demands that we give her our keycard right now. So we did. And as we are loading the van, she is wandering through the parking lot yelling at tenants and the maids. Banging on peoples doors. Throwing her hands in the air screamin' about "I told those fools to be out at 11am. I don't know why they think they can sleep until 12." Bangs on random door. "Hey!!! Wake up and get out. Your time is up!" So, we pull the van up to the lobby and Will goes in to ask for a comment card. The ornary lady is by now behind the desk and she says, "There is supposed to be one in your room." Will says, "Well, there wasn't." Even though there was but we wanted to save that one because some kid had written a funny poem on the back of it. So, the lady says, "On the TV?" And Will says, "No." And the lady starts rummaging around and sighing really loudly like Will has just asked her to complete the most monumental task of all time. Anyway, Will got a comment card, but there is no address on it... so there.

2/5/05 :: The Mission (Augusta, GA)

Oh dear lord, why did the Soul Bar have to be booked on this night. For the love of all decent sound technicians, why oh why.... Here is the deal. There was a TEAM of sound techs, they gave Faun Fables a sound check, and still managed to botch their set. We did not get a sound check, not that it would have mattered, but oh lord that was seriously some of the worst sound I have ever been a part of. there was random feedback. Apparently Page's vocals were so low that on songs where she sings lead she could barely be heard. And who knows about the monitors. Katherine Noe and Patrick Sprague came in from Athens and they said it sounded hideous. Petrillo Rellents and Hellblinki both sounded fine because they play fairly loud and I think that club is not meant for acoustic instruments. Not at all. Thanks due to Andrew for setting up the show, though. He totally helped us out and we already loved him anyway. Jamie called a few hours before showtime to tell us he was stuck in ATL recording the Telegram album. So we played as a quartet all weekend. It is very cold in my house right now. Are you cold?

2/3/05 :: The Vagina Monlogues (Atlanta, GA)

So, tonight we went on at 7pm opening for a performance of the Vagina Monologues at Georgia State University. This was also affiliated with V-Day, which is celebrated all over the country. I wish there was a P-Day because I'd like to celebrate that as well. Fo real. This was a benefit show for some organization the name of which I've forgotten. So, this was a really weird set because I don't think anyonein the audience aside from my parents knew that there was an opening act. People talked and walked around during out set and generally pretended like we weren't there. So we kind of did the same. Plus, we went unplugged so it was real quiet like for us and felt like band practice. We did not stay for the play because they wouldn't give us free tix, and, on principal, we didn't but any. Is that stubborn? Also, when we first got there I announced to the Vagina Monologues crew that we would be performing all of our music with our vaginas. They didn't even crack a smile. Will told them he would try "real hard" (wink, wink) and still not one person thought we were funny. I think we are funny. Anyhow. I thought that are performance was for naught, but then at the last minute, something rad came of it: On the way home we stopped at Guitar Center off I-85 and the amp Will has been wanting for his cello was ON SALE and he bought it right then and there and now WILL HAS THE POWER, PEOPLE. Praise him!!!

Page Campbell