2/14/2005 The 40watt - Athens, GA

Let me explain. There is only one thing I hate worse than lyin', cheatin' and stealin' and that is a man who ain't where he says he'll be. Does this man want to catch hell? Is he trying to fade me, because I will NOT be faded. It is Valentine's Day, and I have no Valentine. The thing is, I don't even care about this day as a holiday. It is arbitrary in that respect. It just happens that I was supposed to have a Valentine this one time and I didn't. Praise for music or else I might have been sad all night. Props for the evening must first go out to my one true love, Page Campbell. She busted her ass editing the video that played behind us on stage. See, for Page's birthday last week we had a "make-out party" in order to get footage of people kissing so we could have a real-life romantic movie for V-Day (VD?). Anyhow, let me start at the beginning: Marriage opened the show and this instantly put me in a better mood because, dudes, it RAWKED. This man was banging on the keyboard with his foot while he played guitar and sang and the drummer was all kinds of spazzed out. Then the traded clip-on ties. Next we took the stage and praise for Shep slipping me the tongue or else I might not have seen any action all night. We were going to sing "Cold, cold bed" accapella, but the sound folks had trouble w/ the video screen and accidentially put the news on, so we sand "I Don't Wanna" to the backdrop of footage of ye ol Tony Blair. Sucka. Then we played about 8 songs with footage of all my friends making out in the background. At some point I handed out the cookies I had made for the audience, and some chocolates and 2 bags of red hots. Then, holy junk, We vs The Shark took the stage. They razzled, they dazzled, they rizzled, they dizzled. What can I say. It is We vs The Shark and it WILL make you dance. Page and I sang back up on their cover of "Happy Valentines Day" from the Andre 3000 album. Sweet.

Page Campbell